August 5, 2020

010 Listener questions, Part Deux

What are we working on?

  • Bob
    • Making Custom Pen Blanks.
    • Learning the Skew.
  • Rebecca
    • She’s been up to something
  • Mike
    • More demo and restructuring the shop

Social Media Information

Bob’s Social Media Outlets:

  • Instagram @rjbwoodturner
  • YouTube RJBWoodTurner
  • YouTube WhatchaDoinBob


Rebecca’s Social Media Outlets:

  • Facebook Rebecca DeGroot
  • YouTube Rebecca DeGroot & Rebecca’s Up to Something
  • Instagram @rebecca_degroot
  • Website
  • Etsy RebeccaDeGrootStudio


Mike’s Social Media Outlets


Dad Jokes

  • Bob
    • A little known fact - Captain Hook bought his hook from a second hand store.
  • Rebecca
    • Did you know ants don’t get sick?  They have little anty bodies.
  • Mike
    • When does a joke become a dad joke?  When it becomes apparent

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